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★ Cover Reveal: Second Verse by Emily Snow

Buongiorno =)
E voi lo sapete, ormai: quando mi imbatto in una cover fatta come si deve, non posso non mostrarvela! Con quella di Second Verse di Emily Snow è stato amore a prima vista ♥ Realizzata da LM Book Creations, mi ha colpito per i suoi colori purpurei, tanto da portarmi a leggere la trama ▬ e indovinate un po'? Mi ha intrigata :D Risultato: dritto in wishlist ;)

Titolo: Second Verse
Autore: Emily Snow
Genere: Contemporary Romance
Data di pubblicazione: 9 Luglio 2015

Kinsey Brock knew Emmett Hudson would be a star the moment he swaggered into her life. Hell, by the time she was released for the crime his scheming sister accused her of he already had a number one single.

Now, eight years and a helluva lot of heartache later, Kinsey’s long since given up on the boy who stole her breath away and took all the love she had. She has someone in her life, and he’s all she needs. She’ll challenge anyone who tells her otherwise. But after a chance encounter sends Emmett hurtling back into her life, every emotion she’s forced herself to forget since he gave up on her is pushed to the surface.

Because this time, the country megastar’s not giving up on her.

No matter how furious he is about the discovery of the other man who's become Kinsey's world.


Emily Snow is The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Devoured series, Tidal, Wrecked, and Uncovered. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about naughty rockers. Visit her on Facebook, on her blog at, or chat with her on Twitter @emilysnowbks for news, teasers, and contests.

Stay tuned for a special surprise coming on MONDAY, July 6th on Emily Snow's Blog!!!

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