Excerpt Reveal
Sweet Sixteen by Brenda Rothert

They say roses are the most beautiful...

Gin Fielding is counting the days until she escapes the small-town life of Roper, Missouri for college at NYU. She prefers to blend in, though she's far from invisible. But when she protects a younger student from a bully, the spotlight turns on her in ways she never imagined.

I say that every rose has its thorn...

The Friday night lights shine bright on Chase Matthews. Roper's golden boy, Chase can do no wrong, enjoying the small-town celebrity being the star quarterback brings. When Gin defends his little sister against a bully, he decides to lend her his star power and change her senior year in ways she never imagined.

But maybe the thorns are part of their beauty.

When Gin declines Chase's invitation to be part of the elite Sweet Sixteen, the repercussions turn both their lives upside down. But amidst the chaos, Gin and Chase find solace in one another. Together, they confront the ugly truth-- that sometimes glory has a dark side.

Young Adult

Silver Sky Publishing

24 Luglio 2018


È uscito ieri il nuovo romanzo di Brenda Rothert! Adoro la cover e la trama mi intriga tantissimo :D E ho qui un estratto e tanti bei graphic teaser che ce lo faranno aggiungere in TBR seduta stante *_*

Clay Houser has a shit-eating grin as he walks up to our lunch table. He’s got a towel thrown over one shoulder that looks like it came from one of the locker rooms.
My stomach churns at the thought of him tossing it at my face when it has God knows what all over it. It’s been a quiet Thursday so far, with most people just ignoring me or giving me dirty looks.
“Asshole alert,” Lauren says when Clay stops at our table.
Clay sneers at her. “What’s it like for a dyke to suck dick for drugs? Bet you gag on ‘em.”
She laughs bitterly. “Curious about sucking dick, Clay? There are some videos online you can watch to learn.”
Raj tries to muffle his laugh. Clay’s cheeks darken with embarrassment.
“You bunch of freaks deserve each other,” he mutters.
I put an arm out to shield my face as he starts to throw the towel, but it surprises all of us when he tosses it at Raj instead of me.
“Wrap it around your head, Osama.” He sneers.
Several football players behind him are laughing it up. Raj is trying to ignore the whole thing, but the look on his face is gutting me.
Shame. Clay Houser made Raj feel ashamed of who he is, and it sparks my temper into an instant inferno. Raj doesn’t say a mean word to anyone. His parents are dead, and the only reminder he gets of them at Roper High School is the taunting of rednecks.
I reach for the towel and get up from the table, advancing on Clay. I’m not even thinking; I’m just letting my white-hot rage guide my every move.
“Clay, I hope this towel is dirty.”
There are only a few steps between me and him now, and he’s giving me a bewildered look as I get closer. His cheering section has gone quiet.
“What are you doing?” He scoffs and looks from side to side.
My voice is ominously even. “I’m gonna shove this towel so far down your throat that you choke on it. I hope you taste ass and crotch as it goes down.”



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