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Excerpt Reveal
The Bitterroot Inn by Denvey Perry

Her past. His secrets. They have more in common than she knows.

Maisy is happily content with the life she’s built for herself and her young son in small-town Prescott, Montana. Her child is thriving, her business is growing, and her family is as close as they’ve ever been. But when a handsome stranger walks into the lobby of her motel, her simple life is swept up in a wave of affection for his gentle heart. None of those feelings can be trusted, though. She made that mistake before with another man. The man she murdered.

Hunter was a different man when he first saw Maisy Holt from afar. He took one look at her and ran in the opposite direction. But years later, he’s back in Montana and unable to keep his distance. He shouldn’t have tried to find her but he never was good at rejecting temptation. The promise of the good she could bring into his life is too hard to resist. Maybe if he can disguise the lies and hide the deceit, he can keep her from learning the truth. Because his only chance at a future with her is by burying his past.

The Bitterroot Inn by Devney Perry
Serie: Jamison Valley #5
Genere: Contemporary Romance
Data di pubblicazione: 16 Gennaio 2018
Lingua: Inglese
Acquista: Amazon | iBooks | Kobo
È uscito ieri il quinto romanzo
della serie Jamison Valley!


I was just rounding the corner behind the building when a dark figure stepped right into my path, grabbing the sides of my arms as we collided. I gasped, too stunned and terrified to scream, so I reacted purely on instinct. Bringing my knee up as hard and as high as I could, I crushed it into the dark figure’s groin.
Direct hit.
The man let go of my arms as he doubled in half, holding his crotch while he groaned and fell backward onto the ground. “Oh, fuck,” he panted, trying to suck in a full breath.
Oh, fuck?
Oh, fuck.
I knew that voice and I knew that dimly lit man bun.
Reality dawned and my hand flew up to my mouth as I gasped. “Hunter?”
He didn’t respond. He just rolled over and faced the ground, rocking his body back and forth as sounds of pain and agony filled the air.
“Oh, no.” Fear turned to guilt. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it was you. I got scared and just reacted. My brother, he taught me some self-defense, and we’ve been practicing lately and I didn’t think. It just happened automatically. I thought you were a bad guy. Oh my god! I’m so sorry.”
My mouth would not stop moving. The words came pouring out faster than water over Niagara Falls.
Shut up, Maisy!
My mouth didn’t listen. The rambling apologies kept on coming.
“I’m so sorry. So, so, so sorry. What can I do? Can I get you something? An ice pack? Ooh! I think I have a bag of peas in the freezer. I’ll go get them. You stay right there, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” I carefully sidestepped Hunter, ready to sprint to the loft for my peas, when he spoke.
“Maisy, stop,” he grunted. “Just give me a sec.”
“Okay.” My feet immediately stopped.
I stood over Hunter, nervously swaying back and forth, as he stayed in the fetal position on the ground. When Pickle lunged for a chance to lick Hunter’s face, I yanked back on his leash and held him close.
What a disaster! How was I ever going to recover from this? My second impression was worse than my first.



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